Merck and Johnson & Johnson

Partner to Accelerate COVID-19 Vaccine Production The White House recently announced that drugmaker Merck & Co., will help produce competitor Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine to expand its production and supply. President Joe Biden’s administration will play a key role in this partnership. The administration has invoked the Defense Production Act to get two Merck facilities up to the standards necessary to safely manufacture the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. While it will take months to fully equip these plants, Merck has extensive experience and capacity as a vaccine producer and is prepared to use these two facilities to vastly increase supply.Though Johnson & Johnson has faced challenges, the company says it is on pace to produce 100 million vaccines by the end of June.

What’s Next for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

According to the White House, states will be receiving 2.8 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in the first week of March. Additionally, the federal government will increase the weekly supply of other authorized vaccines to states from 14.5 million to 15.2 million doses. These increases in supply are part of the Biden administration’s goal to have a vaccine available to all adults in the United States by the end of May. Vaccines are still only available to select groups, such as health care workers and those in high-risk categories. Employers should continue to monitor updates from local officials for vaccine availability.

This partnership comes days after the
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
issued an emergency use
authorization for Johnson & Johnson’s
COVID-19 vaccine.

Download the full PDF here – Merck and Johnson & Johnson

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